Houha’s Honest Energy at Blue Hill N Altitude “Lyra” 6 months old

  • Registered Name: Houha’s Honest Energy at Blue Hill N Altitude
  • Call Name: Lyra
  • DOB: 10/17/16
  • Weight: 106lbs at 1 year old, not fully grown
  • Registration #: WS55130002
  • OFA Hips: Too young
  • OFA Elbows: Too young
  • OFA Shoulders: Too young
  • CERF Eyes:  Too young
  • CHIC #: Too young

Lyra has been a wonderful addition to our home. She hails from the windy city of Chicago where she was bred by the fabulous Loreen Houha of Houha Swissies. We have admired the dogs from Lori for a while now and are so grateful that she agreed to let us take this sweet girl home. Lyra is Co-owned with us by our great friend Casey Campbell of Altitude Swissies. Lyra is a giant goofy girl who has proved her fabulous temperament over and over in the time she has been here. Her start with us was a rough one since Casey and I and 9 week old Lyra got stranded in Chicago O’hare airport for over 74 hours and then again in Denver for another 30 hours right before Christmas, trying to get her home. Lyra was an absolute champ. She rode multiple planes, trains, buses, shuttles, etc, learned to walk on a leash, potty on command, sit, stay, and ride in a pet duffel bag, all in an airport, along with being touched and loved on by literally thousands of stranded holiday travelers. She proved herself to be a good little therapy puppy. Proof is in the pudding with this little girl, good socialization while still with their breeder makes a world of difference in how a puppy handles life. We cant thank Lori enough for all the amazing work she put into this girl and her litter mates. As she grows up, Lyra is proving to be sweet and silly and always adaptable and willing to please. She learns quickly and loves her humans, especially our little Roux boy, who is her favorite and vice versa, they are peas in a pod. We are very excited to see this amazon girl grow up!

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