Deuce (singleton)

The Deuce

Woody X Hazel Singleton take two

Born 11/22/16

Suma-Shadetree Rollick at Bluelemon

Suma-Shadetree Rollick at Bluelemon

CH Calypso's Dinwoodie Fudnuddler

CH Calypso’s Dinwoodie Fudnuddler










Deuce was our second attempt at “Woozel” babies and it seems they only come in singles. He is a little spitfire boy full of pizzazz and spunk. We didn’t get as lucky to find him a foster sibling so when he was almost 5 weeks old I sent him to spend 2 weeks with a friends litter of English Creme Golden Retrievers that were just over a week older than him. He learned a lot and came home more well adjusted than singles usually are. He’s a cute boy and we are loving watching him grow up!


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